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We’ve put together these brief “demo” videos to help you explore what the Levelhead program has to offer!

Part II: Check out the unique team-building features that set Levelhead apart, including a Leaderboard and stickers that give colleagues an opportunity to cheer each other on.

Part I: Learn about the fundamental features that make Levelhead easy-to-use and move YOU toward a healthier, happier life.


Part III: Levelhead is an innovative, digital engagement program designed to improve overall well-being and employee engagement in the workplace. In this video, we’ll take a brief tour of the portal and its three main functions: administration, measurement and communication.


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Each track in the Levelhead App begins with an introductory video that helps you understand
what you’ll learn in that track and why it’s important. Here are two examples:


The Basics track provides you with the opportunity to build a strong foundation - learning fundamentals that help you tune your attention to the present and become aware of your wandering mind.


Positive Practices introduces you to practices that help you filter your focus on the present with POSITIVE EMOTIONS, such as joy, hope, gratitude, compassion, and kindness.


Explore Two Sample Exercises:

The Levelhead program has over 190 bite-sized, mindfulness-based exercises that average 3-5 minutes each.
They were designed for busy people just like you and can be done anytime, anywhere!

Basics Track


Positive Practices Track