Frequently Asked Questions

Profile Tab (progress, badges, stickers)

The profile tab displays the user, status (levelheaded in this case) and daily streak, and then as you proceed down the screen, you can view the badges earned and stickers received.  A few notes:

  • Current Daily Streak is for completing an exercise. Send a sticker does not "count" for fulfilling the daily streak.

  • Badges are presented for each of 10 tracks, though only 5 are available at current time. If user has completed all the exercises in the track, they receive the badge and it turns colored.

  • The stickers are presented for those received. You cannot see the ones you sent. Any sticker type with more than one received will show a number in upper right corner. For example, below, the user has received 2 Problem Solver type stickers.

  • To see the detail on the stickers, the user must touch the sticker icon, and the detail will appear. If more than one of that type, a counter will appear at the top, 1 of x, and the detail below. Please note that you must swipe BELOW the icon to see the other messages.

sticker detail.jpg

Profile tab (photo, change password, send issues)

From the profile tab, you select the small gear shaped icon in the upper right of the screen to display a new screen to view new options.  These options include:

  • Name, role and photo

  • Changing password

  • Logout of mobile app

  • Reporting a problem

How do I change my contact email in the App?

You will have to contact your administrator. Your email address is your unique identifier within the system, so the administrator is required to ensure we migrate your information correctly. They will work with Levelhead to ensure the timing and accuracy of the move.

The badges I have earned are not appearing in my profile

To see your badges, from the home screen you select the icon in the lower right of the app; the icon looks like a person’s profile. When the profile page appears, you should see the badges in the lower part of the screen. All users receive the “Onboarding” badge when they enter the application, it is green with a checkmark. If no checkmarks appear, talk to your administrator.

I am in the wrong group and/or don’t see my co-workers.

Talk to your immediate supervisor and have him/her get you assigned to the correct team.

How do I change my profile photo?

From the home screen, select the profile icon in the lower right of the application. When the profile page appears, select the gear icon in the upper right of the screen. On this options screen, select your name and a screen will appear that will allow you to upload a new picture.

Where can I send information on a technical issue?

Use the "Report a Problem" line of the profile. It will ask if user wants to send the log, which is only of the Levelhead app, along. It is users decision whether to include, though we encourage its inclusion. Then the email shows up for the user to type the message to send to Levelhead.