Frequently Asked Questions



Onboarding Process

...begins with an email from the system to the user. It is sent to the business email provide by company, and provides the Invitation code required for activation.

The user must go to App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android) and download the app first.

Mobile App Onboarding

The sequence of screens used to onboard a user are shown below.  A new user must select "Activate Your Account", while a returning user selects "Login". Notes:

1. The Invitation Code on second screen is the code provided in email above.

2. The Terms of Use also contains the Privacy Policy at the bottom.

3.  The linking process to Organization is defined by their company.

4.  Only requirement for password is >= 5 characters.  No special characters allowed, only numbers and letters. (no spaces)

5.  Last screen show is the "Home Page" of the app.


My App is freezing up or lagging. What's wrong?

There are two main reasons we see a slow response of screens on this application; (1) poor service provider strength in your location and (2) immediate use after downloading application.

(1) Most lag issues are the result of service provider strength in your area. Like most services on your phone, our application requires a strong mobile connection to perform, if the signal is weak at your location, try finding a location with a better signal. If this continues, consider logging out and logging in again to ensure that the application has reset all values.

(2) Upon initial installation of the application, we download the first set of exercises for the user; and depending upon the strength of your signal, the hardware on your phone and OS on your phone, this can take from 2-60 seconds. Any usage to play an exercise or move between screens during that period of download will experience slowness. The best solution is to wait until the downloads are complete. You can tell this by looking at the home page, track one and swiping to the left. If the down arrow has turned to a play arrow, then all downloads complete. Remember, only Track 1 will download upon installation or logout/login.

Download complete

Download complete

Download not complete

Download not complete


I can’t login, what do I do?

The login process begins with an invitation code when you are on-boarded. You should have received this in your work email inbox. Common challenges experienced:

(1) Can't find invitation code. Be sure to look in your work email box, not your home or personal email box. (2) Invitation Code not working. Be sure that you are using the work email address where you received the email with the activation code. The system uses your work email as the identifier of your account. (3) Using Correct email, not working.

Note: the system will automatically reinvite the user after 2 days (original invite Monday at noon, reinvite will go out Wed morning). The reinvite has a NEW code with it, and deactivates the first invitation code. If the system sent a reinvite (which you can see by going into the Organization and reviewing the people tab), you need the most recent code. Notice in the first screenshot below that Toddtester4 Murwin has an "onboarding status" value of Reinvited. He has been systemically reinvited, but has not accepted at this point.

If the user has been reinvited, they must use the most recent code sent to them to login with their work email. All prior codes will not work. There is no limit in the number of reinvites that can be sent, so you can reinvite them again if they have misplaced the most recent code.

Inactive Accounts: In rate instances, a user may be inactive. This occurs when the user left the organization or somehow multiple accounts were created, and one was de-activated. You can see the account is inactive by looking at the second screenshot below. The Role = Inactive for Todd amplitude3 murwin. Two options to assist customer:

(1) if user left the organization, then the ability to use the application has been terminated and they will no longer has access. The subscription was at the organization level, so it has stopped when person left the organization.

(2) if inactivated in error, we CANNOT reactivate the user. To provide access to the user, we must obtain another email address (different from the first) and establish a new account.

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 7.46.24 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 7.47.05 AM.png

I can’t remember my password, how do I reset?

Your username is your work email. If you forgot your password, you need to click on the login button on initial screen when opening the application. Then click on the “Forgot Password” phrase on the login screen and an email will be sent to your work email address to set a new password.

If the user cannot find the reset password screen, as an administrator you can initiate the reset password email for them, by going to the people tab, looking at the profile of the user and selecting the "Reset Password" button. See second screenshot below.

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 8.11.13 AM.png