Frequently Asked Questions

Turning on Notifications

The screen shots below are for iOS (Apple), but similar steps for Android.  Please note, the very last setting (temporary vs persistent).  Persistent notifications will stay in communications window until removed, while the temporary notifications will remain for 6-7 seconds and then disappear.

Note: When the reader is finished with the notification they can proceed back to where they were; and the notification will be removed from communications window.  If the user clicks on the notification, it will launch the Levelhead app, and either open the login page or home page (if user is currently logged in).


Is there a way to turn off my other notifications while I am doing and exercise in the Levelhead App so I am not interrupted?

We have chosen not to override the volume and other notifications of your phone in case you need to accept an urgent call or text while practicing. We have made the exercises short in an effort to minimize any interruptions, and we certainly encourage you turn off your ringer to focus on the exercises.

I see the notification, but before I can read it, it disappears. How do I find it?

If you are receiving the notifications, then your settings are almost correct; but we need to make one change. Follow the picture sequence above (in settings on phone), and proceed through to Levelhead app and then to the notifications screen.

On the screen there is a setting at the very bottom that shows "temporary" vs "persistent". The setting must be on persistent to ensure the notification will be retained in your phones communication panel. Click on the persistent image in the settings and your phone will start to retain them for future viewing.