• 2019 Close It Conference Speaker
    Levelhead’s CEO Saundra Schrock has been selected, along with our two education partners, Dr. Dale Jasinski and Dr. Steve Dunn, as a speaker for the 2019 Close It conference - “Shift Happens: Critical Shift”. Saundra will detail the findings of Levelhead’s recent case study with students at three colleges/universities. Close It is described as “the leading conference gathering thought leaders and practitioners from education, technology, policy, HR, and foundations.”

    October 15-16, 2019, Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • Indiana Wellness Summit Speaker
    Levelhead’s CEO Saundra Schrock was a featured speaker at the Indiana Wellness Summit, Fall 2019. Saundra presented the latest research regarding “Stress, Mindfulness, and Your Bottom Line”.

    September 17-18, 2019 — Indianapolis, IN

  • Wellness Council of Arizona’s 2019 Annual Meeting
    Our CEO was on the road again in September, this time showcasing one of our amazing Levelhead clients, Kris Page-Iverson, Director of Employee Health & Wellness, Tucson Electric Power Co./UNS Energy Corp.

    September 5, 2019 - Phoenix, AZ

  • Culture Crush Rx Discussion — Radio Broadcast — August 6, 2018

    “In this episode of Culture Crush Rx, Deb Caron dives into mindfulness in the workplace with Saundra Schrock, CEO and founder of the app Levelhead, a workplace mindfulness program that helps encourage a clear mind and optimal performance on the job, and Ed Borromeo, COO of Tallwave, the design and innovation company that helped develop Levelhead (and also uses it in their own workplace).”

  • 3 Ways Leaders Can Instill Mindfulness at Work
    By Jeff Pruitt
    Inc. — June 30, 2017 

    "From rooms dedicated specifically to yoga and meditation to bringing in instructors for private lessons to using apps such as Levelhead, companies like Medium, Starbucks and Asana, have all put a focus on bringing mindfulness into the workplace."

  • Business is a Mental Game: Learn How to Win It
    By Jeff Pruitt
    Inc. — March 24, 2017

    "Only by preparing for all outcomes and proactively seeking solutions to problems can leaders overcome negative thought patterns. How do you free up your headspace when these thoughts take over? Saundra Schrock, business mindfulness consultant and founder of Levelhead, suggests reminding yourself of all that's gone right when it feels like everything's going wrong."

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