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“I was diagnosed with high blood pressure just as I started using Levelhead. As I’ve grown with Levelhead, I realized that I also had insomnia. This app is powerful! I’m sleeping so much better. I was even having chest pain. I’m already seeing that my BP meds may not be needed - or may be reduced. My sleep is better. I’m less judgmental.” B. C.

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“I used Levelhead during the work day and at home. It helped me to de-stress. With the app, I felt like I was doing something useful, and there was focus, and it helped tremendously.” N.I.

“Since discovering the exercises offered by the Levelhead app, I have been able to concentrate and sleep better… I would highly recommend using the app to help you concentrate and clear your mind! Thanks TEP for offering such an amazing self help tool.” 
Manny, Account Manager II, TEP/UNS

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Levelhead helped me notice that I don’t slow down. I started to realize how much double- and triple-tasking I was doing. It’s making a difference.” S.U.

“I’ve been using what I learned to bring me back to the present - when I get distracted at times. It’s improved my awareness… I’m listening better, not thinking about my response, but listening to what people really have to say.” C.S.

“Levelhead is different from other Apps. I like Levelhead because of the variety and how you can incorporate the exercises into daily activities.” K.T.


“Our rollout of the Levelhead app has been stunning! Although we had identified the gap in our offerings, whether our employees would be interested in this type of wellness was a mystery to us. The level of interest and engagement has far exceeded our expectations.

The Levelhead leadership team has been so fantastic to work with. They respond quickly, take care of any issues that arise right away, and were instrumental in helping us plan the rollout communications, activities, and challenge. We could not be happier with the Levelhead app or the support we’ve received from Levelhead along the way!”

Kris Page-Iverson
Director, Employee Health & Wellness
Tucson Electric Power Co./UNS Energy Corp.

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“Levelhead allowed my students to use guided practices in a self-paced and personalized way. This program is the most effective way I have found to motivate students to incorporate a daily practice that is meaningful and sustainable. 

Dr. Fernando Romero, Ph.D. 
Positive Psychology
Glendale Community College

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“Levelhead is easy to use. In our culture… people think of mindfulness at times as “candles and incense”. But, Levelhead is not like that at all. It’s very bite-sized and practical. You can pick and choose what exercises you want to do. It’s organized quite well for that.”

International Financial Services Company Leader


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Levelhead offers a unique, mindfulness-based, employee engagement program
that is specifically designed for the workplace.