Gaining vs. Losing: A Weight Loss Mindset

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Hi everyone, it’s Sue Beranek, the Director of Communications at Levelhead. What a treat to serve as the Levelhead blogger this week and I hope you enjoy my latest insights about weight loss and mindfulness. See, I’m in the midst of working with Saundra, Levelhead’s CEO, on the next exciting track for Levelhead. And, every time I hear the new exercises, I always learn something. It’s really proof that mindfulness is a journey and takes regular, daily practice to change behavior and our mindset. You know, even those of us who work for a mindfulness company can slip into a negative bias from time to time!

Case in point. I’ve been working on losing a few pounds. Now, what you first need to know about me is that I live in Wisconsin. And, while I hate to support the Wisconsin stereotype, sometimes stereotypes can be true. And, when the summer comes here, there are all sorts of reasons to enjoy a cold beer, some cheese curds, and the Friday night fish fry. (On a side note – if you’ve never tried deep fried cheese curds in Wisconsin, you absolutely must put it on your bucket list.) But, I digress.

Anyway, in the first few days of tracking my food (based on tips from Episode 13 of Saundra’s mini-podcasts) my self-talk would constantly be focused on all of the things I was missing out on — foods that I couldn’t have regularly (including that cold beer), items I was “depriving myself of”, and the “loss” of many food options. There was so much negative chatter inside my head and I simply couldn’t stop focusing on what I was missing out on. Frankly, the weight loss idea was really becoming a drag.

Then, the light bulb went on! With all of the scientifically sound and proven advice all around me, I remembered that I can change my self-talk. I can choose how I view each and every situation. So, I thought, why not try and focus on the positive aspects of losing weight? Why not put positive self-talk into my head when I’m starting to feel a bit deprived? Why not start each day and each meal with the POSITIVE reasons for losing weight and use those to motivate me?

So, I compiled my list. Losing weight will help me GAIN:

  • My health - New food options will help reduce my blood pressure, blood sugar, and will improve my overall well-being.

  • My longevity — By adding more hikes into my week, I’ll stay more fit, strengthen my heart, and keep those joints moving for years to come.

  • My self-image — Each time I look in the mirror I’ll be reminded of the hard work and the payoff.

  • My clothes — I’ll be able to fit into those fun summer clothes.

  • An opportunity to serve as a positive role model for my family.

  • New food choices — Trying new recipes as a family will add some variety to our meals.

Well, it’s no surprise that when I have stay focused on the positive, it’s leading to great success. Why not give it a try with something you’re trying to change? What can you gain when you lose that old habit? 

Want more helpful tips like these? Levelhead’s Mini-Podcasts are a wonderful resource for real-life, practical tips and FAQs. We call them mini, because they average just 2 minutes each.

You’ll hear from a few of the members of the Levelhead team on their insights and mindfulness journey.