Electronic devices can serve as a useful tool in our lives. For example, we can view a map for directions, receive weather warnings, and even learn about mindfulness.  Yet, too often, we don’t manage the amount of time we are on our devices and miss opportunities to be present in the world around us. In this short video, learn the impact of our over-dependency on electronic devices and the choice you have to be more present. Then, use your device for good, and head to the Levelhead App to try the exercises under “Serial Tasking” and “Reboot” in the Basics track.

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  • Serial Tasking - Learn how and why mindfulness-based practice helps you break the “multi-tasking” habit.

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  • Purpose of Practice - As you begin your mindfulness journey, it's helpful to take a moment to understand "why" for your daily practice.



View our References page to learn more about the science behind Mindfulness.