Meet The Team

Saundra Schrock


Levelhead’s CEO, Saundra Schrock, has had a dynamic and wildly successful career in the financial services industry. From her career beginnings as a bank teller to her role as Executive Vice President of J.P. Morgan Chase, Saundra credits much of her success to embracing the main tenets and practices of mindfulness. The dramatic impact these practices had on her life ignited her passion for sharing the practice with as many people as possible. 

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Jeff Schrock

Co-founder and chief operating officer

Jeff Schrock has more than 30 years as an entrepreneur in the real estate industry. His entrepreneurial spirit began in the 80’s when the demand for residential construction was at an all-time high. Seeing an opportunity, he was one of the first to apply construction management principles to the residential housing industry. Today, as the co-founder and COO of Levelhead, he plays a vital role in helping the team embrace the ambiguity and commitment necessary to bring a new concept to market.

Kevin Walsh

Director of sales and business development

Kevin joins Levelhead with a deep distribution and sales background having made significant contributions to such places as JP Morgan Chase and Citizens Financial Group. Kevin is an accomplished strategist overseeing large company-wide growth efforts. Kevin has a passion for leveraging mobile devices having worked with BlackBerry early in his career to develop one of the first non-email enterprise apps, and more recently having worked with the IBM/Apple Center for Mobile Competency. Kevin aims to provide Levelhead with the strategic sales guidance necessary to grow at a fast yet manageable pace.


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Todd Murwin

Director of operations and technology

Todd Murwin began his career over 25 years ago as a Home Lending Manager for JP Morgan Chase Bank. He grew from that role into a QA Director for Chase Bank before moving on to Nationstar Mortgage where he achieved the position of Senior Vice President of Servicing Technology. Todd comes from an impressive background as a driven executive aiming to steer his workplace towards world class excellence in operations, technology, and quality assurance. His vision is to streamline Levelhead's technology efforts and assure on-time completion of all projects.

Sue Beranek

Director of communications

Sue joins Levelhead after spending 30+ years in the financial services industry, rising to SVP at JPMorgan Chase. Her diverse experience includes communications, marketing, process development, training, and strategic execution.  Sue is passionate about providing professional, engaging, and clear messaging that conveys the tremendous benefits of Levelhead and positively impacts lives.


Levelhead offers a unique, mindfulness-based, employee engagement program that is
specifically designed for the workplace.