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“Mindfulness at work doesn't always mean creating a meditation program. Sometimes, it's just about giving your team the training and tools to understand how to control their own thoughts and perspectives when things get stressful. Apps like Levelhead can also provide an easy approach to encouraging mindfulness as part of a daily routine at an enterprise level.”

What is Levelhead?

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Levelhead is an innovative, digital, mindfulness-based program that provides practical, bite-sized content in the palm of your hand. After spending decades in corporate America, we designed a program specifically for the workplace and busy people just like you.

We are more than just another meditation app! We provide a robust program that includes an engaging App, unique measurement & communication tools, leadership development components, and ongoing education for your colleagues.

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The Impact is Life-Changing!

Check out some of the real-life stories that showcase how Levelhead can impact health, productivity, creativity, focus, family and so much more.


We get results!

In an independently-evaluated research study with a large AZ medical center - where stress is pervasive - employees experienced almost a 4 point reduction in perceived stress in just 60 days.

Mindfulness Benefits Include:

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Learn how we can help your organization and how easy it is!


Levelhead is designed specifically for busy people like you and was based on four simple principles. Learn what these are and how we make it easy and convenient to practice.


Learn why Levelhead was created and what sets us apart. With years of experience in corporate America, we know how to help companies and employees improve well-being, engagement, satisfaction, and performance.

Check out more of our videos at

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Welcome to the 7-Day Challenge!

We know change is hard.  That’s why we’re offering a FREE trial of the newest track in the Levelhead program, the 7-Day Challenge.  This track was designed to help individuals jumpstart their mindfulness practice and give you a helpful preview of what Levelhead has to offer.

The 7-Day Challenge clearly defines and breaks down exercises into a daily, manageable goal – for 7 days.  It’s just the right amount to get started!  The 7-Day Challenge offers three different exercise choices each day: one for the morning, another for mid-day, and a third to wind down.  Each exercise averages 3 minutes, making it easy to squeeze in practice.  “Tension Release”, “Relax and Refresh”, “Be the Architect of Today”, and '“Infuse Kindness at Work” are just a few of the exercises you’ll experience.

Sign-Up Today!

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Email Kevin Walsh, Director of Sales, at to learn more and sign-up for your free trial of Levelhead today!

View our References page to learn more about the science behind Mindfulness.